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2019, December 3 - 11:39pm

International Ph.D. Programme „Chemistry for Health and the Environment” (INTERCHEM) conducted in the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdansk and the Faculty of the Chemistry Technical University of Gdansk.


The doctoral education programme includes:

  • doctoral study programme,
  • independent research program.

The doctoral programme includes:

  • conducting independent scientific research, including research run outside the unit providing education;
  • scientific cooperation with in research teams, including international ones;
  • preparation and publishing a scientific publication in the form of a book or at least one scientific publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal of at least national scope or in a peer-reviewed report on an international scientific conference or preparation of a public presentation by a doctoral student;
  • implementation of a study program covering compulsory and optional classes as well as apprenticeships (in the form of teaching or participating in teaching);
  • preparation for doctoral examinations and preparation of a doctoral dissertation under the supervision of a thesis supervisor or a thesis supervisor and a co-supervisor / a second supervisor / an auxiliary supervisor;
  • participating in the life of the scientific community in the country and abroad.

The doctoral programme prepares students to pursue the profession of an academic teacher and leads to the achievement of learning outcomes in the field of skills related to the methodology and technique of teaching classes, including the use of new technologies in the education of students.

Independent research program is conducted in the department within a scientific group of a supervisor who is responsible for organization of this research.