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Laboratory of Luminescence Research

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2015, March 8 - 10:01pm

Dr hab. Karol Krzymiński, prof. UG
tel.: (+48 58) 523-51-14

• Synthesis and structural study (NMR, MS, LC-MS, UV-VIS, IR) of heterocyclic compounds (acridine, flavones, vitamins)
• Utilization of luminescent labels and indicators in medical diagnostics and bioorganic analysis
• Physicochemical studies of organic compounds with the use of plate and stationary luminescence techniques
• Computational approaches in the study of the structure and mechanisms of organic reactions (semi-empirical, dft, td-dft, mp2 methods)
• Theoretical investigations of thermodynamics and kinetics of organic reactions; structure−property correlation analysis
• Application of modern liquid chromatography methods with fluorescence detection for the determination of trace quantities of biologically active compounds; standardization of HPLC techniques in analysis of aromatic compounds