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Faculty of Chemisty Publications in 2010

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Publikacje w czasopismach z listy filadelfijskiej w 2010 roku

  1. Ruczyński J., Konstański Z., Cybal M., Kocić I., Rekowski P., ,,Aspartamide Modified Galanin Analogue Antagonizes Galanin Action on Insulin Secretion"Protein Peptide Lett., 17, 1182 - 1188 (2010), IF=1,755
  2. Orłowska M., Mroczkiewicz M., Guzow K., Ostaszewski R., Kłonkowski A. M., ,,Study of the synthesis and molecular recognition of New receptors for selective complexation of carboxylic", Tetrahedron 66, 2486 - 2491, (2010), IF=3,219
  3. Kubus M., Glaser J., Kłonkowski A.M., Meyer H. J., "Rare Earth Carbodiimide Silicates: RE2(CN2)(SiO4)" Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem, 636, 991 - 995, (2010) IF=1,226
  4. Zalewska M., Lipowska-Łastówka B., Kłonkowski A.M., ,,Quantum Size Effect and Emission Enhancement by Energy Transfer In System: Nanosized SrTiO3 and Tb(III) Ions Entrapped on Silica Support", J. Non-Cryst. Solids 356 2070 - 2075 (2010), IF=1,252
  5. Polska K., Zielonka J., Chomicz L., Czerwicka M., Stepnowski P., Guzow K., Wiczk W., Smużyńska M., Kasprzykowski F., Żylicz-Stachula A., Skowron P., Rak J. Unexpected photoproduct generated via the acetone-Sensitized photolysis of 5-bromo-2´-deoxyuridine in a water/isopropanol solution: Experimental and computational studies J. Phys Chem. B. 114, 16902-16907 (IF= 3.471)
  6. Stepnowski P. Paszkiewicz M. Techniki separacyjne do rozdzieleń oraz analizy składników cieczy jonowych. Przem. Chem. 89/11 (2010) 1491 - 1498 (IF= 0.332)
  7. Migowska N., Kumirska J., Paszkiewicz M., Gołębiowski M., Stepnowski P. Trimethylsilyldiazomethane (TMSD) as a new derivatization reagent for trace analysis of selected non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) by gas chromatography methods. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 397 (2010) 3029 - 3033 (IF = 3,480)
  8. Gołębiowski M., Maliński E., Szankin M., Marszeniuk M., Paszkiewicz M., Stepnowski P. Determination of catechin and epicatechin in the peel of apple varieties resistant and non-resistant to apple scab, Chem. Papers 64 (2010) 729-733 (IF = 0,791)
  9. Kumirska J., Czerwicka M., Kaczyński Z., Bychowska A. Brzozowski K., Thöming J., Stepnowski P. Application of Spectroscopic Methods for Structural Analysis of Chitin and Chitosan., Mar. Drugs 8 (2010) 1567-1636 (IF = 2,863)
  10. Markowska A., Stepnowski P. Capillary isotachophoresis for the analysis of ionic liquid entities. J Sep. Sci. 33 (2010) 1991-1996 (IF = 2,551)
  11. Czerwicka, M., Forsythe, S.J., Bychowska, A., Dziadziuszko, H., Kunikowska, D., Stepnowski, P., Kaczyński, Z. Structure of the O-polysaccharide isolated from Cronobacter sakazakii 767. Carbohydrate Res. 345 (2010) 908-913 (IF=2,025)
  12. Mika A, Gołębiowski M, Szafranek J, Rokicki J, Stepnowski P. Identification of lipids in the cuticle of the parasitic nematode Anisakis simplex and the somatic tissues of the Atlantic cod Gadus morhua. Exp Parasitol (2010) 124, 334 - 340. (IF = 1,773)
  13. Gołębiowski M., Boguś M.I., Paszkiewicz M., Stepnowski P. The composition of the free fatty acids from Dendrolimus pini exuviae. J. Insect Physiol. 56 (2010) 391-397 (IF = 2,235)
  14. Latała A., Nędzi M., Stepnowski P. Toxicity of imidazolium ionic liquids towards algae. Influence of salinity variations Green Chem. (2010) 12, 60 - 64 (IF = 5,836)
  15. Boguś M.I., Czygier, M., Gołębiowski M., Kędra E., Kucińska J., Mazgajska J., Samborski J., Wieloch W., Włóka E. Effects of insect cuticular fatty acids on in vitro growth and pathogenicity of the entomopathogenic fungus Conidiobolus coronatus. Experimental Parasitology 125, 400-408, 2010 (IF=1.773)
  16. Paściak M., Kaczyński Z., Lindner B., Holst O., Gamian A., Immunochemical studies of trehalose-containing major glycolipid from Tsukamurella pulmonis. Carbohydr. Res. 2010, 345, 1570-1574 (IF=2.025)
  17. Krzemiński K., Roshal A., Zadykowicz B., Białk-Bielińska A., Sieradzan A., Chemiluminogenic properties of 10-Methyl-9-(phenoxycarbonyl)acridinium Cations in Organic Environments, J. Phys. Chem. (IF=2,899) J. Phys. Chem. A, 2010, 114 (39),10550-10562 (IF = 2,899)
  18. Nawrot J., Gawlak M., Szafranek J., Szafranek B., Synak E., Warchalewski J.R., Piasecka-Kwiatkowska D., Błaszczak W., Jeliński T., Fornal J. The effect of wheat grain composition, cuticular lipids and kernel surface microstructure on feeding, egg-laying, and the development of the granary weevil,  Sitophilus granarius (L.) J. Stored Products Res. (2010) 46, 133-141 (IF=1,248)
  19. Romanowski G., Wera M., Mononuclear and dinuclear Cirac vanadium(V) complexes with tridentate Schiff bases derived from R(-)-1, 2-dianinopropane: Synthesis, structure, characterization and catalityc properities. Polyhedron 29, 2747 - 2754 (2010) IF = 2,207
  20. Grobelna B., Bojarski P., The effect of WO42- group in xerogels doped with Ln2-xPr(WO4)3 where Ln = La, Gd. Optica Applicata vo. XL 2, 359 - 366 (2010), IF = 0,358
  21. Wyrzykowski D., Czupryniak J., Ossowski T., Chmurzyński L.. Thermodynamic interactions of the alkaline earth ions with citric acid. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 102, 149-154 (2010). IF = 1.587
  22. Przybylski P., Pyta K., Czupryniak J., Wicher B., Gdaniec M., Ossowski T., Brzeziński B.. ,,The influence of protonation on molecular structure and physico-chemical properties of gossypol Schiff bases" Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 8, 5511-5518 (2010). IF = 3.762
  23. Niedziałkowski P., Trzebiński D., Sikorski A., Ossowski T., ,,1,8-Bis(tosyloxy)-9,10-anthraquinone" Acta Cryst. E66, 33-34 (2010). IF = 0.411
  24. Kowalczyk A., Nowicka A.M., Jurczakowski R., Niedzialkowski P., Ossowski T., Stojek T.. New Anthraquinone Derivatives as Electrochemical Redox Indicators for the Visualization of the DNA Hybridization Process" Electroanalysis 22, No. 1, 49 - 59 (2010). IF = 2,630
  25. Anusiewicz I., The Na2X Superalkali Species (X5SH, SCH3, OCH3, CN, N3) as Building Blocks in the Na2XY Salts (Y5MgCl3, Cl, NO2). An Ab Initio Study of the Electric Properties of the Na2XY Salts, Aust. J. Chem. 63, 1573-1581 (2010), IF=1,959
  26. Anusiewicz I., Janiak T., Okal J., Kinetic study of the hydrogenolysis of polychlorobenzenes over a Pd/C catalyst in an alkaline aqueous-n-hexane system, Catal. Commun. 11, 797-801 (2010), IF=3,000
  27. Sikorska C., Freza S., Skurski P., The Reason Why HAlCl4 Acid Does Not Exist, J. Phys. Chem. A 114, 2235-2239 (2010), IF=2,899,
  28. Sikorska C., Skurski P., The IP vs. VDE competition as a key factor determining the stability of the MgBX5 (X = F, Cl) compounds, Chem. Phys. Lett., 500, 211-216, (2010), IF=2,291,
  29. Anusiewicz I., Freza S., Sikorska C., Skurski P., A strongly bound OF3- anion and its unstable parent neutral OF3 species, Chem. Phys. Lett., 493, 234-237, (2010), IF=2,291
  30. Freza S., Skurski P., Bobrowski M., Influence of substituents in vinyl groups on reactivity of parylene during polymerization process, Chem. Phys. 368, 126-132 (2010), IF=2,277
  31. Freza S., Skurski P., Enormously large (approaching 14 eV!) electron binding energies of HnFn+1- (n = 1-5, 7, 9, 12) anions, Chem. Phys. Lett., 487, 19-23, (2010), IF=2,291,
  32. Strumińska-Parulska D., Skwarzec B., Plutonium isotopes 238Pu, 239+240Pu, 241Pu and 240Pu/239Pu atomic ratios in southern Baltic Sea ecosystem, Oceanologia, 52(3), 499-512, 2010, IF=0,613
  33. Strumińska-Parulska D., Skwarzec B., Tuszkowska A., Jahnz-Bielawska A., Boryło A., Polonium (210Po), uranium (238U) and plutonium (239+240Pu) in the biggest Polish rivers, J.Radioanal.Nucl. Chem. 286, 373-380, 2010, IF = 0.631
  34. Skwarzec B., Boryło A., Kosińska A., Radzajewska S., Polonium (210Po) and uranium (234U, 238U) in water, phosphogypsum and their bioaccumulation in plants around phosphogypsum waste heap in Wiślinka (northern Poland), Nukleonika, 55(2),187-193, 2010, IF = 0.159
  35. Skwarzec B., Jahnz-Bielawska A., Boryło A., The inflow of uranium 234U and 238U from the Vistula River catchment area to the Baltic Sea, Radiochimica Acta, 98, 367-375, 2010, IF = 1.459
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  39. Frankowska A., Ziółkowska J., Bielawski L., Falandysz J., Profile and bioconcentration of minerale by King Bolete (Boletes edulils) from the Plocka Dale In Poland. Food Additives & Contaminants, Part B, 3(1), 1-6, 2010, IF=0,905 DS
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